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Along with 25 years of working experience in sheet metal work and automotive sector, we started our mission in automotive manufacturing, then expanded our business into rolling stock and other sheet metal processing plants. We are dedicated to contributing to the manufacturing sector by providing superior quality as per international standards, CE certificate, and most advanced technologies that enhance productivity with lower cost.

- What will we provide for you?

TDT Turkey exporting the top quality from Turkey and Europe to the world, respond to any expectation from our customer in the field of welding, metal cutting and forming process. These machines are not purchased through platforms, between buyer and seller. Therefore, TDT acts as your partner in Turkey, undertaking the tasks of confirming specifications, following up on manufacturing progress, inspecting and trialling the machine before shipment (trial purchase), preparing documents for customs and shipping from Turkey to business entities worldwide. We make it possible for all small and large organizations to find their required industrial machines more easily and effortlessly within a wide range of supplies.

Machines TDT Supplies

MIG/MAG/TIG welding machines, plasma and laser welding, cutting, cleaning and marking, OBARA resistance spot welding guns, seam welding, plastic welding machine.
- Welding positioners, automation systems, robots, assembly tools and fixtures, gauge checking and dies.
- Machines for bending, cutting and forming metals: presses, pressure presses, shears, punching and coiling machines, and machines for bending pipes, tubes and plates.
- Spring balancers, electrical tools and quality inspection devices.

Our Quality Policy

TDT quality policy comes from our history in the automotive industry which focuses on “customer satisfaction”.

Our Mission

Doing the overseas work for you by exporting the best quality, added value, and sustainable products at an affordable price.

Our vision

with our global vision we’ll continue to provide sustainable benefits to Manufacturers led to the trust which makes you leave your procurement to us

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