MIG/MAG, TIG welding machines


We derive our strength from technology and innovation, which is why we offer you the ARCloud system that allows the processing of components to be managed according to welding instructions. In this way, the possibility of error is reduced. In some cases, it helps to detect a potential problem and take measures to eliminate it. Provides sustainable weld quality thanks to documentation of welding parameters and welding procedures

Manual Welding

Manual welding is based on human labor, and therefore the quality of the products depends more on skill. Manual welding has several advantages, such as: its ability to complete various operations within a limited period of time, flexibility, and the ability to recognize errors. There are several types of manual welding, such as (SAW Series, MMA Series, MIG/MAG Series, Tig Series)

Automated Welding

Automated welding is considered the best welder that can be used, because it is characterized by its high quality that occurs due to Pulse technology, which enables it to extract high-quality welds, and its speed in completion and time, in addition to that it can reach places that are difficult for human labor to reach. Robotic welding has several types, such as (Robotic TIG and Robotic MIGMAG)

Welding torch

Torch & Conumables

We supply the welding torch,,,, and consumables for MIG/MAG, brands Daihen, OTC, Panasonic,Hitachi and Obara, like, Robot Torch ORT , Automatic Torch OSA and Semiautomatic OMT series, Flexible Conduit, extension cable OSC
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