Resisiance spot Welding Guns

Movable resistance welder is typically referred to as welding guns. With the development of car industry, welding guns evolved from manual guns to robotic applications. OBARA welding guns are renowned for their quality in order to satisfy customer requirement.

Resisiance spot Welding Controllers

Resistance welding controllers are also referred to as timers. This equipment controls welding conditions such as current and the cycles. OBARA timers are compact and easy to operate, and support multiple conditions and network control.

Resisiance spot welding transformers

High quality cores are used to achieve durability and downsizing.

Resisiance spot Welding Electrodes

Made from high quality materials that are most suitable for welding electrodes. Available in various types to meet your welding requirements.

Resisiance spot Welding Cables

OBARA welding cables are famous for their durability, flexibility and cooling effect.

Cap Tip Dressers

Electrode tip dressers of high efficiency and low noise for installation in a limited space. OBARA also supplies cap tip changers, which allows automatic electrode tip replacement.

Auto Tool and Tip Changers

OBARA offers tool changers for guns and handling units, and automatic tip changers for robotic guns for Spot, Nut and Bolt Projection welding

Stationary Spot and Projection Welders

OBARA supplies various products for resistance welding system for Spot, Nut and Bolt Projection welding
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